The Leela School

Waking up from the Trance of Suffering

Symptom Cure

You will be prepared to work at the level of symptom cure and habit control as the first level of therapeutic intervention.

Ego Strengthening

The next level of intervention is ego strengthening. This level deals with deeper layers of the client’s psyche and may address fundamental issues of the person’s life. Healing childhood wounding, trauma, and deep-seated fears are just a few examples. Shamanic soul connection is an example of a technique you will learn that serves the healing of old wounds.

As the structures of mind are re-wired, self-confidence, true love and deeper clarity emerge.

Proficiency within these two levels are the first attributes of being a successful therapist. If this is all you receive you can have a successful career as a helping professional.

In addition to these foundational skills, you will get to experience the interventions as both client and therapist. In this way you gain both familiarity with the process and insight into your own deep psychological structures. As a means of insuring your success with both techniques and process of insight, we offer ten hours of one-on-one mentoring beyond our group meetings and practices. Enrolling in all three levels of our certification you will receive 30 hours of personal mentoring, with the ability to select from a range of Leela Mentors from around the world. They have the depth and the capacity to support you in both your own deepening and your skill as a therapist.

Ego Transcendence

The third part of our training works on the level of ego-transcendence. We use Eli’s unique insight into what he named the Enneagram of Character Fixation, (very different from the more commonly used Enneagram of Personality.) Seeing the fixated structure of ego in ourselves, our relationships and our clients will cast the world in a completely new light.

Insight into the structure of our own character fixation assists in the discovery of our true character and the difference between ego and essential self.

This knowledge will give you enormous insight into your client’s presenting condition and their true nature. The therapeutic interventions that grow out of marrying the structure of ego and fixation with the techniques of hypnotherapy are unique to this work.