The Leela School

Waking up from the Trance of Suffering

The skills of hypnotherapy can be broken into two parts. First is the ability to induce a trance. Second is the ability to know what to do once trance has been induced.

Trance Induction

Inducing a trance is both simple and easy. We will teach you various trance inductions both classical and Ericksonian. You will have both a wide variety of techniques and the ability to create trance states as situations require.

Effective Use of Trance

The second part, knowing what to do after trance has been induced, requires skillful means. We will teach you interventions for a variety of physical, emotional, behavioral and mental problems.

Skillful means requires insight into your client's presenting conditions. You will have the means to know which intervention is appropriate and the flexibility to generate your own unique interventions.