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Waking up from the Trance of Suffering

This is the second level of certification. The second year is also offered in 3 parts. This second level is also offered as a stand alone year long retreat, leading to a Certification as an Enneagram Coach and is open for students in Year 2, or new students in Year 1.

This course is ideal for those called to deeper insight into the structure of our own character fixation, which assists in the discovery of our true character and the difference between ego and essential self. This knowledge will give you enormous insight into your client’s presenting condition and their true nature. The therapeutic interventions that grow out of marrying the structure of ego and fixation with the techniques of hypnotherapy are unique to this work.

This second level offers a unique insight into the structure of ego and the possibility of ego transcendence, using Eli’s thirty years of working with the Enneagram. We will use Eli’s book, From Fixation to Freedom, The Enneagram of Liberation, as the core text for this course.

Part 1 is a 5 day in-person retreat, held in Byron Bay, with Leela School teachers and mentors, covering the Enneagram of Character Fixation from beginning to end. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the recognition of your own fixation and discovering freedom from identification with the fixation.


In Person 5 Day Enneagram Retreat ~ 40 hours

  1. Four Bodies
  2. Movements
  3. Nine Fixations
    1. Passions
    2. Idealizations
    3. Traps
    4. Talking Styles
    5. Defence Mechanisms
  4. Sub-Types
  5. Essence

Part 2 is an online module consisting of two full Enneagram Retreats at Esalen Institute as well as a complete section of Enneagram exemplars, from each fixation and sub-type, explaining and demonstrating their fixation, with recorded insights from Eli and Staff. In addition to watching the online videos, Part 2 includes 5 private one-on-one sessions with a Leela School Mentor.


Online Enneagram Course with Eli Jaxon-Bear ~ 50 hours

  1. Two online Enneagram Retreats at Esalen Institute
  2. Exemplars of all fixations and sub-types with commentary by Eli and staff
  3. Five one-on-one mentoring sessions

Part 3 is a 5 day in-person retreat, held in Byron Bay, with Eli alongside Leela Teachers and mentors. A more advanced retreat showing the deeper levels of the structure of ego and the use of insights from the Enneagram in a therapeutic context.


In Person 5 Day Advanced Enneagram Retreat ~ 40 hours

  1. Sub-types advanced
  2. Using the Enneagram in therapy
  3. Practice sessions
  4. Supervision and Mentoring
  5. Assessment

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