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Waking up from the Trance of Suffering

This is a one year part-time course, offered in 3 parts leading to Certification in Clinical Hypnosis. Besides teaching you how to be a successful therapist, this course is also ideal for anyone seeking a deeper insight into their own psychological movements and patterns. It is an assistance to those who are already practicing as a health professional, offering fundamental insights as well as skilful means to add to your existing practice. By the end of the first year you will be able to set up a successful private practice.

Part 1 is a 10 day in-person retreat with Eli Jaxon-Bear, the founder of the Leela School, alongside Leela Teachers and Mentors, covering the syllabus in an environment of openness and heart-based learning, experiencing, practicing, and deep support. In the US the in-person retreats are held in Ashland, Oregon.


In Person Retreat/Course ~ 10 days ~ 80 hours

  1. Being a true friend
  2. Exercises to discover the nature of reality
  3. Fundamentals
  4. The Meta-Model
  5. As-If
  6. Ecology
  7. Sub-modalities
  8. Trance inductions including arm catalepsy, idiomotor response
  9. Anchoring
  10. Phobia cure
  11. Change history
  12. Soul connection
  13. Ethics
  14. Setting up a private practice

Part 2 is an online module. You will watch Eli work with different clients using a variety of hypnotic inductions and clinical interventions. In addition to watching the session each one will be broken down into workable parts for you to practice at home. In addition, your fee includes 10 hours of private one-on-one mentor sessions, usually on Skype.


Online Videos ~ 40 hours

  1. Watch videos of Eli’s sessions with various types of inductions and interventions
  2. Watch Eli and Lisa show you the different parts of what Eli is doing in each session so that you can do them yourself
  3. Practice each type of induction and intervention on somebody and submit report
  4. Ten mentor-student, one-on-one meetings on Skype

Part 3 is a 10 day in-person retreat held in Ashland, Oregon, with Eli and Leela School teachers and mentors. The final elements of the syllabus will be covered, with an ultimate aim of preparing you for a private practice.


In Person Retreat/Course ~ 10 days ~ 80 hours

  1. Refresh basics: As-If, Sub-modalities, etc.
  2. Meta-Model
  3. Reframing
  4. Change history
  5. Advanced anchoring
  6. Nesting emotions and the black hole
  7. Demonstrations by teacher
  8. Practice sessions
  9. Reports and supervision
  10. Final: Student demonstration of change history, soul connection, phobia cure, anchoring


Follow up courses:
Level 2 - Certification as a Leela Enneagram Coach
Level 3 - Leela Mentor and Teacher Program

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