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Waking up from the Trance of Suffering

Year Three may result in certification as a Leela Mentor or Teacher. Offering deeper insights into the nature of the deep structures of the egoic mind and emotions and the experiential exploration of the qualities of essence, you will be preparing for your next step.

This year offers the jumping off point where skills become art and you discover your inner capacity to be creative in the moment of serving. Waking up from the trance of suffering is now a living possibility.

This year involves assisting students of the school, while discovering what is required to be an effective Mentor and Teacher. You will be an active participant in the classes of the school, mentoring new students and teaching the lessons that you are ready to share.

There will be ongoing one on one sessions with your teachers and guides as well as a study group for the sharing of cases and skillful means with your fellow classmates.

Unlike the two previous years, this year is more personally structured to assist you in maximizing your potential whether as a teacher or mentor.

In this year, the students will attend the Level 1 10 day retreats for Part 1 and Part 3, this time working and training as a Leela Mentor.

Part 2 is an online module consisting of a series of videos, including thirty hours of Milton Erickson teaching how he works and doing sessions, along with assignments for students to send in for assessment. Significant support is offered with 5 in-person or Skype sessions with Leela Mentors.

Level 1 - Certification in Clinical Hypnosis
Level 2 - Certification as a Leela Enneagram Coach

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