The Leela School of Awakening

Serving Love as a True Friend


Webcast May 2016 with Eli Jaxon-Bear. Theme - Ego or True Self: How Do We Know the Difference?

Webcast April 2016 with Eli Jaxon-Bear. Theme - Ending the Superego's Power of Enslavement



Webcast May 2016 with Eli Jaxon-Bear. Theme - The ID: Do Animal Dries Fuel Your Life or Direct It?



Webcast July 2016 with Eli Jaxon-Bear. Theme - Freedom and Skillful Means: Living a Life of Love and Service



Webcast September 2016 with Eli Jaxon-Bear. Theme - Money, Survival and Integrity



A Beautiful Report From a Brand New Student of The Leela School



Webcast October 2016 with Eli Jaxon-Bear. Theme - Who's Making Love? Sex and Spirituality



Living in Integrity Retreat, Byron Bay Australia 2016



In this video Grace Pretre - Leela School Teacher - shares the unique approach of the Leela School

In this video Jared Franks - Leela School Teacher - shares his own experience with Leela therapy and how he now uses these skill to help others awaken from the trance of suffering.

In this video, Lisa Schumacher shares her experience of working with Eli and the benefit it's had on her life.


In this video you'll see Eli Jaxon-Bear demonstrating a few of the skills you will learn.

Enjoy this video montage of Joanna Moody singing "My Love" on the last day of the Level 3 Certification Retreat in Ashland, Oregon

Little Richard exemplifying the personality of the 2 fixation

From our Ego or True Self: Enneagram of Essence retreat in Ashland, OR. An example of a Self Preservation 3

Serving the world as a True Friend

A 7 minute guided meditation

Gangaji and Eli, Byron Bay 2017

January webcast with Lisa and Jared

From the Living in Freedom Retreat and Ego or True Self Retreat, New Zealand 2018.